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The best way to increase blog traffic is by improving your content.
Content is king! 
Think why do people come to your blog in the first place. What do they want to read about? And if you don’t know, ask! Post a status asking your readers if there is something specific that they would like to read about. Posts that are funny or useful are always a hit. 
If you’re stuck use a search engine to have a look at what is currently in the news, maybe it is something that relates to you or your readers that you could write about it. This is a great way to increase blog traffic by writing about current events. On saying that however try to make your posts ever lasting! For example if you write about the latest and current trends then next month that post might be outdated. Aim for something that will stand the test of time, something that people will still want to read about a year or two down the line. Choose a headline that catches your reader’s attention and draws them in! 
Share, share and share your post on social media. Retweet your post every 2 or 3 hours so it doesn’t end up at the end of the queue. Remember those keywords I mentioned earlier? Use them! And link to your previous posts in your current post if they are relevant. 
If your blog has a niche, find the audience and engage them, make contact and encourage them to your blog. Use Google Analytics to find out where your main source of traffic is coming from. 
Another great way to increase your blog traffic is simply by asking! Ask your followers to retweet your posts or like your status and share it. 
Hosting a competition is another way to increase traffic (I use Rafflecopter). A term of entering the competition could be that they have to like your Facebook page, follow you on twitter, tweet about the competition etc.

For my tips view my blogging tips page. 

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