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I’m Leaving The Virtual World For A Simpler Life

In a world that is constantly evolving and changing do we really understand the consequences for the next generation?
Global warming, eco-friendly, plastic wars. We have all heard about the damage that humans have done to the planet. But what about the damage we are doing to each other?

I’m talking Internet, TV, Social Media. I was born in 1987, in what I would say was the start of the technology boom. Computers were new and exciting, the internet had been around a short while. I remember my parents buying our first computer. It was a huge box like thing and we loved nothing more than playing solitaire and roller coaster tycoon on it!

Social Media Makes Us Less Social

Nowadays however with the introduction of social media, namely, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter everything has changed. Now I am not at all blaming these platforms for anything. As a blogger they are a huge part of my life as well as my personal life. But has ‘social’ media made us less social? And more so, less able to achieve basic life skills.

social media

Basic Skills No Longer Needed

We no longer need to learn how to cook. We can simply go online and order our food. Be that a takeaway or the weekly shop. We no longer need to go out and meet people in person. We can download apps and chat online to meet new people, who we may actually never meet. Money management has also gone out the window. We no longer need to carry cash. We are able to just flash our card or even mobile phone these days and buy what we want when we want. Without the need to see if we have enough cash on us or whether we actually need to make that purchase. I find myself on Facebook, as I follow a lot of bargain and deal pages, I quite often see ‘Quick, Glitch, Buy now before sold out’. When I most probably wouldn’t have even thought about buying the product until I saw this post. We can be all to easily parted from our money these days. Gone is the need to physically go to the shop to look for what we need when we can go online instead and buy it plus three more items that we didn’t plan on buying but saw and thought oh why not.

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I am guilty

I have to admit that I am guilty of most of these things too. Although I can cook, I was taught by my parents, it is quite rare if I do cook. Most of the time it’s a quick pizza in the oven. Everything is too convenient these days and not necessarily healthy. Although I do love my slow cooker chicken casserole! Green grocers and butchers are not so common on our high streets anymore. This means a quick pop to the shop often results us in grabbing precooked, processed foods instead of the fresh produce that once more widely available.

Why am I writing this?

Simply because living a busy life I find I don’t have enough time to do the things that I should be doing but yet I manage to find the time to endlessly scroll through social media, not really paying attention to it either. Watching pointless videos and reading other people’s status.

It made me think why I am doing this. Why do so many people do this? An escape from our reality, to pass the time, to gain likes and followers. We have forgotten how to function on the most basic of human skills. And I am to be honest fed up of it. I can often be heard in my home telling my husband to put his phone away or telling the kids two more minutes on the computer and you have to come off.

They have so many toys but when I really sat down and thought about it I realised that they barely even look at their toys. Most of the time they are drawing, riding their bikes or playing in the garden.

What do I want?

What I want is to get back to the basics of living. Life should be simple, it’s the simplest things that give us the most pleasure after all. I want to be able to buy fresh produce, have actual cash in hand to spend, meet up with people in the real world and enjoy being outdoors in natures playground with my family rather than paying to watch them run around a soft play centre while I half-heartedly watch them and scroll through my phone.


What will I do?

I have decided to deactivate my personal Facebook account. Just temporarily to see if it improves my quality of life. In essence it will stop the endless scrolling and impulse buying. I am also going to start a weekly budget of cash rather than just flashing my bank card. Hopefully this will control my spending and save me some money. I will have a good clear out of our home and just keep the things that are truly loved and used and donate the rest. Plus we will go out more. We have so many beautiful attractions around it would be a shame not to see them.

Overall I want to live more thoughtfully and meaningful. I want to be remembered as the mum who did things, the traditional mum but not in the 1950s kind of way, equal opps and all that! I guess I just want to be present in today.

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  • Emily

    Yes sister! I’m with you! Just today, Nige & I decided that we need to start meal planning again as we find we’re eating too much rubbish because it’s convenient. I’ve written a meal plan and it’s not only made up of home cooked meals from scratch with healthy ingredients, they all take less than 30 minutes to make. Like you, I need to come off social media. I waste away my evenings sitting in silence next to my husband on the sofa just scrolling absent-minded through Facebook and before I know it’s 10pm. I also need to have a sort out. The girls have far too may toys that don’t get played with. I’ll keep the board games, puzzles and barbies as they do still get played with, but most of them haven’t been touched for years. We need to get back to basics and start enjoy what the natural world has to offer! Social media has definitely taken the social aspect out of our lives – ironic given the name really!

  • Sally Cox

    Loved your post, and yes, you’re so right about how we are all so caught up in our devices. Even us older folks can be found looking at our phones in the restaurant instead of talking to our spouse across the table…who are also on their phones! I found your blog on the “That Friday Linky” today…you’re the post right before mine! I hope you check mine out and leave me a comment and subscribe to my blog emails.

  • Melissa perry

    I agree! I’ve been thinking myself about social media especially and that I’m on there far to much for no reason what so ever! Agree with everything you have said. Few changes are going to be made from me aswell! X

    • Katie

      Thanks Mel! Although I have discovered that I can’t deactivate my personal fb without taking my blog page down too so it appears I am still on there but I haven’t been on there for a good few days now. I’m just going to stay logged out of it for now. I need to get my head back into the real world x

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