If I acted like my toddler!

What if parents acted liked their toddlers?
I often look at my children and wonder what on earth is going through their minds!
Then my mind drifted off and I wondered… what would parents do if they acted like their toddlers?!
If I acted like my toddler;
  • Every time I had a wee id have to show the nearest person what id done so I could get some praise. 
  • Id twerk (rub my bum up and down my sisters legs) at least twice a day. 
  • Id pull the cats tail, lick the cats tail, head-butt the cat, put the cat in the pram and take him for a walk… sit on the cat. 
  • I would scream every time I washed my hair. 
  • Eat a cookie and enjoy it, eat a cookie from the same pack, pull a face, spit it out onto the carpet, pick it back up, eat it and this time enjoy it. 
  • Wipe my nose on anything. 
  • Announce loudly every time I pass wind. 
  • Throw myself to the floor in a fit of rage, banging head in process, every time I cant get what I want. 
  • Eat the bubbles in my bubble bath. 
  • Realise passing wind in the bath sounds funny, and continue to try to pass more wind and then…. Go one further and pass something else!
  • Dance every single time I hear music regardless of where I am (doctors surgery, the shop, a funeral?)
  • Rub what’s left of my yogurt all around my face. 
  • Cling to the legs of the nearest person I know and insist that they pick me up every time I meet a new person. 
  • Spoon feed my sister, husband…cat!
  • Rip off my own wallpaper. 
  • Colour in the curtains, window sill and window with permanent marker. 
  • Decide my coat looks better on back to front and that wellies do go with everything. 
  • Put my car keys through the letterbox whilst stood in my house. 
This list is endless! I could have written much more! 
I hope this tickled you as much as it tickled me!
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