I was so exciting to be invited to the #HillarysCrafternoon blogger event in Cardiff. 

Hillarys have taken their craft workshop on the road find out more here.

We started the afternoon by choosing our material.
I chose I yellow leaf patterned material and deciding to complement it
with a blue and white material too.

We folded the material over our notebooks and then pinned and sewed the four corners of our notebook cover.

Then to pretty it up I added a yellow ribbon using a glue gun (albeit
not very straight!) I was then shown how to make a pretty ruched up
circle by sewing around the edges and pulling it all together I then
added a nice yellow button into the centre of it.

In the second part of the session we were given instructions and guided
through the process of making a cute little bird.

This was a little more trickier but being a complete craft beginner I
found it quite easy.

We had to cut out the body and belly of the bird using a template on our
chosen material, again I chose the same material as I used for my book

Once cut out we began sewing the edges of the belly onto the body and
then sewed the head. Using wadding we then stuffed the little birdies
belly until he was nice and plump!

Lastly I added on some blue and white polka dot buttons as eyes and
using the yellow ribbon I gave him a nice little tail!

I have to say I have never really been very crafty, I love doing things
with the children painting and gluing etc, but I do struggle to think up
ideas of what to make.

However after this event I have become inspired to buy some materials
and patterns so I can continue crafting!

Special thanks to @joesbloggers  @hillarysblinds and @The_crafty_hen for organising the event. 

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