Highlights Of My Day

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The highlights of our day are usually include;
Taking my daughter out for a walk – she is 13 months old and doesn’t yet understand that she needs to stick to the pavement! So usually I put on her handy backpack which includes a set of reins and il take her over to the park where she runs around exploring everything! The wet leaves on the floor, the sticks (oh she loves picking them up and waving them around). It absolutely love getting out and about with her. It’s amazing to see her so excited by new objects even simple things she hasn’t seen or touched before, like a tree or a bench! It’s just great to see her so investigative about the world around her. 
Play time – whether it’s chasing my daughter around the living room and watching her run away and squeal with excitement or playing with her megablocks building a tower, it’s a great time to interact with your little ones and it helps them to develop and learn new things. 
Feeding time – I love it when it comes to lunch time. I am always looking out for new things in the supermarket that I can buy for my daughter to try. Her favourite foods at the moment are avocado, tomatoes, carrots and yogurts!
Bath time – by the time my little one washed it looks like the bathroom has flooded and iv also had a bath! She just loves to splash. She’s not so keen on sitting in the bath though, she would much rather stand up try to pull the plastic frogs off the tiles! I try to give her plenty of toys whilst she is in there. She has bath books, rubber toys, a bucket and a turtle island!
Next on our list to do is to take our first holiday together as a family. Especially before our next bundle of joy arrives in March 2014. I will be on the look out for all the advice I can get on the best way to stay safe whilst abroad and also for an travelling tips with a little one. So far iv heard the best top tip is to bring plenty of toys and food on the plane to keep them occupied! 

What are your top traveling tips?  
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4 thoughts on “Highlights Of My Day

  1. yes food is a must lol, we usually take toys although sometimes get thrown and download a couple of videos to our phones to try and atempt Ami to fall asleep! sounds like our days too 🙂 we have some of those reins although Ami is getting better at holding hands she does like to wander towards the road, its much more fun jumping on and off the curb!! x

  2. Oh that's such a good idea Saz! My daughter loves Mickey Mouse, I could download some episodes onto the iPod for her to watch. Sounds like my little one she loves to wander off exploring everything! X

  3. Hi pinkoddy. I think maybe for our first holiday we might stay in the UK and drive just to see how my daughter gets on with being on holiday. You make a good point about being able to stop when we feel like it. Thanks for your comment x

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