Hi, I’m Katie!

Hi I’m Katie! Mummy’s Diary blogger J

You may be aware that was my name, however maybe you didn’t

Anyway hi, how are you?


I’ve come to a bit of a dry spell with blog post ideas, so I
thought why not just introduce myself again. It has been a while since I wrote
my about me page so this is a little update if you will. 
So I am now 31 years old I have been happily married to my
husband for almost four years now, and we have a beautiful daughter who is 5
and our handsome son is 4 years old.

Growing up it was myself, my twin sister and my mum and dad.
We had lovely childhoods, our parents would regularly take us on days out,
something that I am keen on doing with my own children. I remember our
grandparents would visit often and take us swimming and to the park.

Through high school I met some great friends, many of which I
still see now which is lovely. My mum was sadly diagnosed with ovarian cancer
when I was around 11/12 years of age. She kept her spirits high and was always
smiling no matter what. Sadly she lost her fight when I was 18 years old, she
was just 50. This had a huge impact on my life, looking back now I can see it
even clearer, but now I am determined to remember her and keep her spirit alive
she was my everything and I still think of her very often, she is never really
far from my mind most days.
I think now that I am a mother it makes me see things
differently. How she must have struggled so much internally with what she was
going through but remaining strong on the inside for her children. She is my

After high school I went to college to study travel and
tourism and this led to a successful interview to become air cabin crew for
Excel Airways. Even though I wasn’t in this job long it was by far my favourite
job I have ever had. Unfortunately the airline had to cease trading and even
though I never went back to cabin crew it is something that I am proud to have
under my belt.

Now I have recently returned full time to work after being
part time after the birth of my babies, it seemed a good time now they are both
in school full time, it was hard at first going back to five days but we have
since adjusted well.


In terms of my blog it is going from strength to strength and
hopefully it will continue to grow J


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