Heinz Baby Mums Own Range #3

Hamper number 3 is a breakfast hamper with a variety of different Heinz Baby products including;

* Breakfast Cereals: Creamy Oat Porridge, Fruit and Yogurt Porridge, Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry Muesli, Oat and Apple Cereal, Apricot and Peach Muesli. 
* Breakfast Pots: Creamy Oat Porridge and Banana and Apple Muesli
* Breakfast Biscotti’s: Apple Biscotti and Six Cereals Breakfast Biscotti
The boxed breakfasts are …g which in my opinion s quite small. 
The box suggests 1 spoon of cereal mixed with 3 spoons of water, however I found that this was no where near enough to fill up my little boy and ended up using 4 spoons cereal. I would then also give him one of the breakfast biscotti’s. 

I only managed to get 3/4 days worth of breakfast out of the cereal boxes, that might just be because I have a super hungry baby boy though!
I much prefer the breakfast pots as these are perfect for on the go, and for a quick breakfast but also I found it makes the perfect bedtime snack just before his bedtime bottle to fill him up. 
I have always bought the biscotti’s for both my children as they are the effect nutritional snack to keep thee tummies from rumbling whether at home or out and about. 
The entire Heinz breakfast range is packed with 12 key vitamins and minerals for a great start to the day and the breakfast pots have calcium to help support normal bone development, iron to help support normal cognitive development and the fruit pots have at least one of your baby’s five a day. 
To find out more about the Heinz Breakfast Range please visit HeinzBaby
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