Heinz Baby Mums Own Range #2

This months hamper is full of yummy squeezable pouches. 

Flavours include:
* Peach, mango and banana purée
* Apple, pear and banana purée
* Sunday chicken dinner
* Sweet potato and beef casserole
Each pouch contains two of your baby’s five a day, iron which supports healthy cognitive digestion, and there are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 
They’re suitable for the early stages of weaning right through to when your baby becomes a toddler.
There are many more flavours in the Heinz range that include sweet and savoury flavours. I find that when my son isn’t feeling quite right he often isn’t interested in the savoury meals but as soon as he tastes the sweet ones he happily finishes the lot! 
Now that my son is 9 months old he is able to sit up by himself which is all the more useful when we are out and about with the double buggy. If he gets hungry I can just give him one of the Heinz pouches and he can hold it himself and easily suck the food out. 
The pouches are perfect for on the go mums who like to get out and about and also mums who are in a hurry can just grab one of the pouches and go. 
At the moment I am using a mixture of the Heinz pouches and jars along with home cooking. 
As I also have a toddler and I cook all her meals I will quite often make extra and mash it up for my baby to try his particular favourite at the moment is cheesy mashed potato! But if I haven’t got the time or don’t feel up to it I know that both my children will be getting a healthy meal from the Heinz range.  
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