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I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative toys and gadgets. When Hape got in touch to review their Robot Factory Domino set I was very much looking forward to it. Wooden toys are my all time favourite. They’re much more eco-friendly and the quality is just so much better than plastic.

Hape Robot Factory Domino

The website description for this product is as follows; ‘Use stored potential energy to catapult a wooden ball into the air with this exciting robot themed domino set! A tipper car, crazy ball track, tipper arm and series of ramps form an exciting robot production line you can build again and again.’

When the set arrived it was a lot bigger than I had expected which is great. It comes packaged in a cardboard box and inside the pieces are wrapped separately in bubble wrap. Instructions are also included, however I found it a lot easier to follow the coloured image on the box front. I also like that the box is big enough to be able to store all the pieces in easily, and closes completely.

Hape Toys


The Robot Factory Domino set has 122 pieces including;

  • Catapult
  • Marble run
  • Seasaw wheel
  • Rotating arm
  • Tunnel
  • Tipping car
  • Three wooden balls
  • A marble and more.

Domino Play Set

Setting up the dominos was a little time consuming, and I did knock the dominos down a few times which resulted in the chain reaction of all of the dominos falling down. This was a little frustrating but is really to be expected when playing with dominos. Once they were set up I was super excited to set the ball rolling.

I did encounter a slight problem though. No matter how many times I tried to get the little tipper truck to release the ball down the ramp it wouldn’t. I eventually gave up and rolled the ball down on its own. The result was fantastic and I was impressed with the catapult launching the ball into the next set of dominos. I did have to practice the range on this before I set it up to make sure it would work, I found that the distance of a mobile phone and a half was perfect.

Whilst I couldn’t get the whole set to work smoothly in one run it is still a great toy to play with and would be hugely enjoyable for any child. You of course don’t have to follow the track pictured on the box, you can let your child use their own creativity to set up their own uniquely designed track for them to play with.

Where to buy

This set retails at £53.89 and is suitable for ages 4+. It can be purchased from Amazon. Overall I would recommend the Hape Robot Factory Domino Set, it is fun for all ages and will certainly keep my little ones entertained for hours. This would be a toy that would be brought out to play with again and again.

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  1. It’s a shame the truck didn’t tip, but aside from that it does look like a fun toy. I could see my girls enjoying playing with this. Thanks for joining in with That Friday Linky 🙂

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