Giddy Bowl Review

The Giddy Bowl is a new innovative way for your child to eat there food on the go. It is a non-spill bowl that’s great for kids to have fun while they eat without the mess. Created by 


Both my toddlers love snacks and eating on the go, I usually just put their snacks into a little pot for them to carry around but more often than not at least a little bit of the food is tipped out onto the floor. 

No matter the position, the inner bowl always remains upright, no spills, no mess!
The inner bowl rotates with gravity to keep the food inside, so no matter which position your child holds it in the food bowl will remain upright. 

If is not adult proof in that if you try to trick the bowl and throw or drop it from height. 
Perfect for the aeroplane, the car and on the run too. 
The main features of the Giddy Bowl are;
The inner bowl rotates 360 degrees reducing spills
Snap on lid included
It is a colander too
Virtually indestructible 
BPA free plastic
Dishwasher safe
Suitable for non-food items

The giddy bowl is well packaged in a colourful box with all the information you need to know printed on the box. 
The only way to test this product is to fill it with food and give it to my toddler!
I filled it up with grapes and she carried it around while playing with her toys and the grapes remained inside the bowl. 
The giddy bowl is suitable from about 6 months onwards. 
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