Getting Your Child Into A Routine: Loving Mummy or Mean Monster?

For as long as I can remember as soon as we announced our pregnancy we were inundated with friends and family keen to pass on their words of wisdom on what is best to do for baby.

We’ve heard many things, sleep when baby sleeps; which never happened because as soon as you have five minutes to yourself you think ooh I’ll just have a quick tidy up or a cup of tea, then before you know it baby is awake again. We’ve also heard you need to teach them who is boss, the baby must fit in around your life and schedule and not the other way around; well that doesn’t really work either. I mean you cant really tell your baby not to do the stinkiest poop ever whilst you’re at the hairdressers or riding the bus because its not convenient for you!

There is however one thing that we did manage to succeed with, a routine. I don’t know how it happened but I’m sure grateful we have it.

I now hear a lot of people say to us oh my god, you mean they’re in bed AND ASLEEP? ALREADY! But its only just gone 7pm, how did you do that?! Sometimes this is said with sheer awe and hands on knees bowing down to us praying for us to give them the miracle answer that has made this occurrence happen, other times it sounds judgy and jealous as hell, like I’m some strict regimented mum.


Well neither of them is true really. We don’t have this down to a fine art and we are not strict with this either, but we always manage to make it work.

We wake up generally around 6.30am usually my youngest has at some point wandered into our bed in the middle of the night and my daughter who in all fairness does stay in her bed all night, waits until we call her before coming into our bed too, where we all cuddle and slowly wake up together.


When my daughter was around 2 maybe, I just remember being so tired of putting her in her bed, walking out and then having her climb back out and cry because she wanted to be in our bedroom or playing downstairs, I had had enough. I remember just being so tired and I couldn’t face any more shouting that I went into her room around 2am and I just kept putting her back in her bed and sitting on her bedroom floor until around 4.30am when she finally fell asleep. We did this for a good few weeks, and each time we would creep closer and closer to the door until finally we could put her in her bed knowing that she would stay there even after we had left the room


So we haven’t always had it easy in that respect and we worked hard to get and keep the routine that we have now. Bedtime is always at 6.30/7pm as well this means there are no arguments about not wanting to go to bed, because they know that come this time when we close the curtains and turn the tv down that its time for bed. This is what they have always known and have come to expect.

My son is a little easier to get to bed at the moment, he just needs a cuddle. Granted this isn’t the best way for us to get him to sleep as he does expect to be held until he falls asleep and then we put him in his bed, but I’m sure when he is a teenager this will be the last thing he’ll want!


But guaranteed by 7.30pm they’re both tucked up in their bedrooms and mummy and daddy can then relax and have some time to ourselves!

Do you have a routine that works for you?

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6 thoughts on “Getting Your Child Into A Routine: Loving Mummy or Mean Monster?

  1. We had an awful time with getting Harry to sleep after the four month regression and it was putting him in a routine that solved the problem. If we have another baby I have said we will try and get them into a routine much earlier than the six months that we waited until with him. I always find it's better for them too, Harry is happier when we are in a routine. #ThatFridayLinky

  2. I love having a routine. Similar to you our kids are in bed at a good time. The 1 yr old asleep by 7pm and the 5 yr old by 8pm (used to be 7:30 until recently). I love having the evening for a bit of quiet time! X

  3. When our girls were babies we were sticklers for routine. I genuinely believe babies and young children need it, not only to feel secure, but also to feel confident in knowing what to expect. Our girls are five now and we still have a bedtime routine, but we're more flexible in the day now. Don't forget to come back and comment on the linky. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  4. Routine is so important for children to know where they are and what's right and wrong. It I believe helps with there behaviour in general great post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  5. You're not a mean mummy at all! My 7 month old is in bed at 6pm, and my 5 year old is in bed by 7.30pm most nights. They both love their sleep AT THE MOMENT. It hasn't always been like that 😉

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