Getting Into The Christmas Spirit With Gifts From Menkind

We truly are getting into the Christmas spirit. With a little over 8 weeks left until the arrival of the big man in red we have been sent some goodies from Menkind to review. These would make ideal gifts for your little ones this festive season.

Wall Climbing Spider

First up we have the Wall Climbing Spider. This retails at £19.99. It is remote control and suitable for ages 8 and up. It arrived packaged well in a decorative cardboard box. Inside the box you will find the spider, remote control and instructions. The remote control requires 6 AA batteries the spider doesn’t require any as it connects to the remote using infra-red.

wall climbing spider

Setting it up was pretty straight forward. The spider itself is very lifelike and even the legs scuttle along as a spider would. I will say it will take some time to get used to operating the spider as there are different functions, but it is very easy to use straight away. On the remote there are two controls one is for forward and backwards and the other right and left. There is also a switch on the front of the remote which allows the spider to go from being used on the floor to crawling up the walls!

wall climbing spider

It is surprisingly loud when you turn this feature on I guess as it uses vacuum suction to stay on the walls it does sound pretty much like my vacuum cleaner!

It is very realistic!

When you start to move the spider around his eyes light up a spooky green colour! As you would expect this toy works as suggested, it is quite fast and it is quite scary; even though I know it is not real! If you push the lever forward slowly the spider will go at a slower pace. You can make it run around, spin in circles and go over obstacles. When placed on the wall it actually does stay on the wall, it did slide a few times but this doesn’t affect its play in any way. It is quite a sight to see it running circles around my TV and my cat was definitely not impressed!

Overall I can’t really fault this product it does exactly
what it says it should, it works very well, looks like a spider and will be a
sure hit with any little boy. The only downside I would say is that it is a
little on the noisy side! Make sure you check out the video below of the spider in action!

Mystery Shimmeez

The next item we were sent is this beautiful sparkling Mystery Shimmeez 8” Reversible Sequin Squeezy toy! This retails at £12.99. You won’t know which Shimmeez you will get until it arrives, that is the mystery!


We received the dog! His reversible colours are purple and green. He is very cute to look at with puppy eyes and long floppy ears my daughter will love him! The Shimmeez have only 2 goals in life; using their sparkliness to take cuteness to new heights and finding those in need of some serious cuddles!

The Shimmeez has super-sparkly scales which attract humans who need cuddle buddies, but they also act as camouflage when they need to blend in to their environment!


You can create pictures, patterns and words in their sequins for hours of fun!


Overall we love the Shimmeez I mean what’s not to love, its super cute, sparkly, cuddly and entertaining all in one making them the perfect
sleep and play buddy!

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