Gender Specific Toys

    Blue is for boys, pink is for girls.

    I never really put much thought into this before I had my

    But now more than ever before I am finding out that some
    people will only ever buy there children typically “boys toys” or typically
    “girls toys” whereas others aren’t afraid to branch out and buy there little
    one a toy aimed at the opposite gender.

    My little girl has always been bought and given “girl toys”
    and my son “boy toys”

    However a while back I noticed that my son actually quite
    likes playing with his sisters dolls, she has so many of them and she really
    doesn’t mind sharing them. I guess it is probably because of their friendly
    human like faces. I mean what’s not to love about dolls?

    I suggested to my husband buying our son his own doll. I
    don’t mean a typically girly doll I mean a doll which is dressed as a boy,
    maybe even go one further and buy him an anatomically correct boy doll.

    My husband instantly said “he cant have a doll!” “he cant
    play with dolls, he’s a boy!” I was a little surprised by this reaction as he
    doesn’t seem to mind our daughter playing with boys toys. But nope he cannot be
    convinced. He was only the other day playing with his sisters Barbie doll when
    my husband said we’ll have to buy him an action man.

    So why in this world which is supposed to be modern, and is
    now accepting of gay marriage for example, is it still quite frowned upon? Why
    are there categories on toy retailers website Toys for Girls, Toys for Boys? I
    do actually quite understand this as if I was looking to buy a toy for my
    daughter I would instantly unconsciously look under the toys for girls
    category. But why not have a unisex category too maybe?

    I was recently quite shocked whilst browsing an online toy
    retailers website (no names mentioned) to see a statement similar to this “ we
    separate our categories by gender because nobody ever buys pink toys, frozen
    merchandise or dolls for boys, however we do include lego, remote control cars
    etc in our girls categories as they love the idea of girls being as boisterous
    as boys!”

    Please tell me I am not the only one who is a little bit
    shocked by this bold statement?! Please?

    In my opinion if a boy wants to play with a doll who am I to
    tell him that that is wrong and against the norm and that he’s potentially
    weird or even gay for doing so?! And why is it not considered the same if a
    girl wants to play with a construction or drill set?

    All I know is that I will be letting my children play with
    whatever toys they want, even if it isn’t considered normal for their gender!
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    2 thoughts on “Gender Specific Toys

    1. Dexter spotted a pink dolls buggy in asda just after christmas and spent the entire shopping trip pushing it around. he had christmas money so i bought it for him. He loves it. Liam wasn't so keen but he didn't really protest. Children learn by what they see and he sees me pushing him in his buggy and wants to copy. I see no harm in that.
      I do however dislike that things like lego, that already come in many bright and cheerful colours have now added girly colours. Why do girls need pink lego? It's not just lego either, so many toy manufacturers make normal coloured toys and then go out of their way to make the exact same toy but excessively girly. I dont understand the need for it.

    2. Really like this post! I have nothing against boys playing with girls toys and girls playing with boys toys!
      I've gone to a shop with my girls and they've chosen cars and boy figures and I've had no problem buying them either! It's a shame some people are so against it.
      My nephew plays with prams! and he's even got a kitchen!
      They are young! Let them play with what ever they want.

      Thanks for linking up with #justanotherlinky

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