Garden Fun For Kids

    Kids love getting messy and what better way to let them than by gardening!

    It was recently my sons birthday and he was given some money in his cards and we decided not to buy any more toys as he has plenty and to be honest he doesn’t really show much interest in them.
    So we decided to buy him some gardening accessories. Asda had a lovely little wheel barrow set which including a giant spade and fork for £8 and we also went to the garden centre and bought some pots and plants for him to plant himself.
    We spent most of the day in the garden and he absolutely loved it. Especially using his shovel to put the gravel and compost into the pots as well as watering the plants once they were planted.
    My daughter joined in too and was very intent on listening to how you have to dig a hole and put the roots of the plant in and she then watered them letting me know that her plants bellies were full of water, so cute!

    The finished result is very pretty and both our children are looking very much looking to forward looking after their little flower garden and keeping them well watered.


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    6 thoughts on “Garden Fun For Kids

    1. Aw they both look really busy and the little peoples gardening set is fab!

      My eldest loves helping in the garden too.

      Happy belated birthday to your boy and thanks for joining in with #MMBC x

    2. Such a lovely thing to get the kids interested in. Mine are all grown up now but I hope one day when they have places of their own they'll remember how lovely it is to grow something!

    3. I'm really keen to get my little boy into gardening – he's just coming up to 2 now, so I'm thinking that's a good age to buy him some little tools (I know he'd love to wheel the wheelbarrow around!). That's a lovely looking end result you have there too!

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