Galt Toys Mini Masterpiece

I was recently lucky enough to be a part of the Galt Toys Mini Masterpiece series. 

In which I was sent a Galt Toys Finger Paint set for my little princess to create her own Van Gogh Starry Night Sky Masterpiece. 
Here is a bit of background information. 
Galt asked famous contemporary artist Ed Chapman to recreate Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe portrait using Galt arts and crafts materials. The result was a stunning Marilyn Masterpiece, which just showed the fantastic artwork that can be achieved with the right supplies and a little bit of imagination.
Galt has now launched its very own ‘Mini Masterpiece’ series – 6 templates from famous works of art that little ones can print and decorate themselves, to create their very own mini masterpieces! This month, Galt offered a fantastic‘Monet’ piece of art on the website, which children can download and design themselves for a chance to win a fantastic arts and craft bundle worth £50.
So armed with the finger paints we began. 

Step 1
I put a splash of each colour paint onto a board for my daughter who was appropriately dressed in a cute little ladybird waterproof outfit to begin her painting. 
Step 2
My daughter couldn’t wait to start, she got stuck in straight away dipping her finger into the paints and then smudging them across the paper. 
Step 3
Mixing the paints together, my daughter enjoyed creating new colours to add onto her artwork, and when they had run out she was eager to open the pots to get more paint out, she even gave the washing machine a bit of a make over!
Step 4
Leave to dry.

The finished result is very colourful and we had such a fun time creating it, mess and all!


The paints are of a jelly like consistency which is just perfect as they do not run everywhere. Each colour is vibrant and eye catching. 

Why not create your own mini masterpiece and enter your picture for a chance to win here.
For the purpose of this post I was sent one finger painting set. 
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