Fun Things To Do Online

As the title suggests this post will cover a variety of fun
things that you can do online, or boredom busters if you will. 

If ever I find myself with a few spare minutes you can
usually find me online mostly on Facebook or reading the online news. But I have
discovered there are so many more fun things that you can do online. 

Online forums
I’m forever on forums, whether it be Netmums or Money Saving
Expert there is a forum for everything. Forums are a great place to interact
and meet new people. I have to admit I do like to go on and just browse through
the threads and see what other people are up to. I do go on them a lot though
to seek advice about things in my life like mortgages, parenting etc. They’re a
great place to get answers from people in the same situation as you quickly or
for just a bit of support. 

Everybody is online these days and who can blame them. There
is a such a variety of games online that you could easily immerse yourself for
a good few hours. One of my favourite is Bingo, with a lot of these sites you
can get free spins or a bonus on top of your deposit. I have often won a few
pounds on the free spins alone. I also love Facebook games competing with
friends and even just good old classic solitaire on the desktop computer.

Family history
If you’ve a few spare hours why not discover your family
history! Most sites will offer you free trials.
I started my family tree a while back and so far we’ve gone
as far back as 1800s, very intriguing to discover we’re actually related to the
woman who created the washboard! The things you can find out online!

YouTube videos
I do often find myself just scrolling through videos to pass
the time, from hair and makeup tutorials to cute animals doing funny things. There’s
guaranteed to be something that’ll amuse you!
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