Fit For 30

    2016 is going to be my year of change!
    I have recently turned 29 and I have therefore given myself the whole year to whip my body into shape before I turn 30!
    This feature on my blog is going to be aptly named #FitFor30
    I have always been a slim size 8-10 but after I had my children I gained 2 stone which I have so far been unsuccessful in losing and am now in a size 14.
    Each week I am hoping to share my progress with you along my journey.
    I have started training sessions with a personal trainer and I have a healthy eating plan also. My personal trainer just so happens to be The Worlds Strongest Man twice Jamie Redwood. 
    My starting weight is 11 stone 4.

    I started with my pt (personal trainer)  just before Christmas. I know worst time to start right before all the lovely festive food!
    But I have made some great progress already. I have been meeting my pt twice a week and sticking to my diet plan surprisingly well for me!
    And having weighed in this week it certainly seems it is working as I am down 5lbs to 10 stone 13.
    My pt sessions combine the gym and outdoor activities and its fair to say my pt definitely pushes me to work hard.
    I decided to get a pt as I have previously found that I give up quite easily or in some cases iv started and then haven’t even realised that at some point I stopped.
    I now have the motivation that I have paid good money to my pt to helps push me to reach my goal and to keep me on track.
    I will post further updates soon including my exercise regime and diet tips.
    Sharing my journey with me is my twin sister Emily you can read all about her plan here

    You can also follow our journey on Twitter by searching #FitFor30

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