Exploring STEM Subjects In The Home

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are the four subject areas referred to as STEM. They can open up a phenomenal range of opportunities for young people in terms of their higher education and inevitable careers, as well as helping them develop enviable personal skills. There are lots of subjects that fall under the STEM umbrella, from Astronomy to Mechanical Engineering. Each of the STEM subjects provides pupils with highly transferrable skills that they can carry through many aspects of life. Some examples of such skills include the ability to work both independently and as part of a team, the ability to carefully and critically solve complex problems and the ability to think creatively. 

There are lots of ways in which parents can help their children explore STEM subjects in the home, as explored below by an independent school in Surrey. All parents want the best for their children, particularly when it comes to their education, so it’s worth helping your little ones become acquainted with STEM to stimulate their minds and encourage development of lots of important skills. The earlier you start, the more successful you will be.

Something as simple as exploring nature in the garden would fall under the STEM umbrella because they allow your child to learn about things like how the different seasons influence the plants and the way the animals behave. You don’t have to leave the house though; brain teasers and jigsaws are great when the weather’s not its best as they help develop problem solving skills. Anything that allows your child to explore their curiosity is a great option. Let them ask you lots of questions and find education in all the activities you do together. 

Don’t be afraid to arrange a chat with your child’s teachers because they will be able to help you come up with lots more ideas on how you can help your child explore STEM at home. They will greatly appreciate the fact that you’re showing such an active interest in your child’s education and will also be able to give you a copy of the curriculum so you can have a detailed outline of what your child will be learning about throughout the school year. That way, you can focus on specific aspects of the curriculum at home.

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