Establish Good Eating Habits In The New Year With Gotrovo

    If your children are anything like mine, mealtime can be a bit of a battle. At least that’s true with my youngest!

    My 2 year old boy has never sat still for any meal, except when he was in a highchair maybe. My daughter on the other hand is the complete opposite, she will sit down and eat all of her food, no problem.

    I don’t know what it is about my boy but he just cant sit still, he’ll have a bite of food then run off, then run back for another. No amount persuading can keep him on his bum!

    I was therefore very pleased when Gotrovo offered us the chance to review one their treasure hunt meal time dinner sets.

    Gotrovo is created by Mums, inspired by children, the Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt Dinner Set  is designed to take away the stress of meal times and provide opportunities to build healthy eating habits, providing fun that rewards positive healthy mealtime behaviour!

    Developed with input from a Nutritional Therapist, Mealtime Treasure Hunt provides a perfect tool to encourage healthy eating and good mealtime behaviour in a positive and easy way.

    Mealtime Treasure Hunt provides parents and children with a healthy happy distraction from mealtime stress.
    Each set includes a;
    • Plate
    • Bowl
    • Cup
    • Fork and Spoon
    • Game Cards
    • Gold Coin
    • Treasure Map

      We decided to play it a little differently, we put the gold coin at the starting point, and then with each mouthful of food we moved the coin to the next number, until hopefully my toddler had cleared the food from their plate, they can then reach number 10 by lifting up their plate and finding a reward card underneath.

      As you can see in my video vlog below my daughter really caught onto this idea quickly and thoroughly enjoyed it, and with my son watching on I’m sure he will soon be following suit.

      This idea is so simple and effective it really is amazing! I love the two sided Treasure map, the Fork and Spoon shaped like a little shovel, and the design on the plate, bowl and cup is so lovely.

      Overall I would highly recommend the Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Meal Time Dinner set in aiding you to establish good eating habits with your toddler for yourself. A definite 10/10 from us! #GotrovoFun

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