Easy Toddler Meals

If like me you struggle to find easy toddler meals to make, I have come up with a little list of my children’s favourite meals.
Each designed so that you can join them at the dinner table and enjoy the same meal. This encourages them to eat their food rather than attempt to pick at yours if you have a different meal.
I have been trying to bring us all together lately so that we eat the same foods all together and at the same time and I have found that my children each so much better when we do this. I don’t know if its because they’re watching us eat and are copying or whether they just prefer to eat proper meals rather than the standard kids processed ready meals.
They do enjoy looking at our food as well, how strange it looks compared to theirs even though it is the same meal, however it is not cut up like theirs.

Sausage, mash, beans

Nice and easy takes about half an hour to make. Iv found that they prefer the thin Richmond sausages as opposed to other brands as these are easy to bite into and really quite yummy, plus you don’t any of that nasty sausage skin hanging off!
Easy Toddler Meals
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Cheese toastie and cucumber sticks

This is a favourite in our house and takes about 10 minutes in total, just butter the bread stick the cheese in and whack it in the toastie machine. I like to add some cucumber sticks too they really enjoy it and especially scooping up the excess cheese with them.

Chicken curry, rice and naan bread

This takes a little longer to make but if you cook your chicken the day before it only takes about 15 minutes to just heat up in some korma sauce (Pataks is particularly yummy) and to cook the rice and naan bread. This is also a definite favourite of our children’s.
Easy Toddler Meals
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Fish fingers, mash and peas

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, and also nice with a slice of lemon to squeeze over this dish!

Quiche, carrot and cucumber sticks

My daughter loves quiche particularly cheese and onion or bacon. This literally takes a few minutes to prepare if you buy the shop bought quiches. This is also great in packed lunches.

Salmon pasta bake

I love pasta and especially super stringy cheesy pasta bakes, but I also love salmon and this one is particularly delicious and easy to make. Fresh salmon is the best and I add a jar of shop bought cheesy pasta bake, yum yum.
What are your little ones favourite meals? Im always on the look out for new toddler meals to try.
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