Duplex Kidney

duplex kidney

At our 20 week scan we discovered our baby girl has a left duplex kidney. This simply means that she has a double kidney. However because of this she is more prone to urinary tract infections therefore she has been on antibiotics since she was born to prevent this.

We have attended numerous outpatient hospital appointments, meetings, scans, ultrasounds and dmsa scans.
We were extremely concerned about what this would mean for our daughters health in the future.
I researched or more to the point tried to research more about this condition, however I was surprised to find there is very little information out there especially on treatments etc.
This encouraged me to start my own group with the purpose of sharing my daughters journey and also to reach out for people who also find out they have or their children have duplex kidneys and to share information and provide support for one another.

My daughter will be 1 in October and this will also be the time when we meet with the consultants to find out the outcome of all the tests my daughter has had and to finally discuss treatment options.
We have already been made aware that the most likely treatment will be surgery to remove the non functioning part of the kidney.

You can find out more information regarding our situation and also information on duplex kidney at my group page: http://community.babycentre.co.uk/groups/a3885105/duplex_kidney

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