Duplex Kidney: hereditary?

duplex kidney
My partner and I attended ante natal clinic yesterday at our local hospital for a follow up scan. 

I am currently 22 weeks pregnant. On my 20 week scan the sonographer told us she was having difficulty seeing a second kidney. 
We were worried that this baby might have some kidney problems before we arrived for our scan.

Our daughter who is now 14 months old was diagnosed with a left duplex kidney at my 20 week scan. She has been on a daily dose of antibiotics since she was born. She is due to have an operation early next year to remove the part of the kidney which has no function as if it was left there it would cause infection and make her very poorly. 

So, when at our 22 week scan the sonographer uttered the words “left duplex kidney” I almost broke down. I feared the worst. Would my son now have to go through the same tests and scans that my daughter has previously been through. Would he to have to have an operation. 
It broke my heart to see my daughters little hand being injected with dye and having IV lines inserted. I cried with her. I wished I could take it all away, but I can’t. 
The sonographer told us that our sons right kidney is further forward than normal which is why it was difficult to see at our previous scan. The left kidney is duplex. A little bit of hope came though when she said that there were no blockages that she could see. 
That is why my daughter is having her operation as she has blockages in her kidney so the fluids cannot drain properly resulting in stagnant urine collecting in the kidney. 
If our son doesn’t have any blockages then hopefully he will not need any further tests or treatments. 
After our scan we saw a lovely doctor who asked my partner and I which one of us has a duplex kidney or kidney problems. We both looked at each other. Our response was the same, “neither of us that we know of have any kidney problems”. 
The doctor suggested that actually she would be very surprised if one of us at least didn’t have a duplex kidney. 
We have been booked in for another scan at 28 weeks to see how our little boys kidneys 
are developing, the sonographer will also look at my kidneys at the same time to see if I have a duplex kidney. We will be very interested to find out if it is indeed hereditary. 
We have been surprised at just how common duplex kidneys are. At our 20 week scan with our daughter, one of the healthcare assistants told us that her son had a duplex kidney which was diagnosed at her 20 week scan. He was put on antibiotics and later on had an operation to insert a stent to open the blockage he had. He now lives a normal happy life. 
The sonographers assistant yesterday said that she has a duplex kidney and her daughter also has one as well. Neither of them needed any treatment though. 
So we live in the hope that our little boy will need no further tests or treatment once he arrives in this world, and keep our fingers crossed that our daughter will be safe and looked after when she has her operation. 
Have you or anyone you know been affected by duplex kidney? And what was their outcome? I really would love to hear from you. 
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