Duplex and Horseshoe Kidney

We knew even before our daughter was born that she had duplex kidneys.
We knew during my second pregnancy that my son was suspected of having duplex kidneys also.

What is duplex kidney?

Simply put the kidneys have duplicated but not seperated, so she has a right kidney but her left kidney is duplex. Both parts of her duplex kidney each have their own ureter but they join into one at the entrance to the bladder.
My daughter has reflux due to a blockage which causes stagnant urine to sit in the kidney which means she has been on the antibiotic, trimethoprim, since she was born. The dosage of this has to be checked every three months as it increases with her weight gain. The antibiotics are to prevent urinary tract infections.

What is horseshoe kidney?

One in five hundred children are born with horseshoe kidney.
It occurs while baby is in utero. The kidneys fuse together giving it a u shape.
Luckily it looks as though my son has no blockages so he shouldn’t need any treatment by the looks of it but he has been put on antibiotics just incase until further tests are carried out.
Mel Gibson actually happens to have a horseshoe kidney too and he claims it is the source of all his energy!
Today we found out that my daughter has her first uti this could be a sign that the antibiotic is no longer working for her so we are now awaiting a consultant call back.
We don’t know what the future really holds for either of our children at the moment. But we have decided that out family is now complete. We simply couldn’t put another child or ourselves through all the painful distressing tests or operation again.
*Update – Our daughter has since had surgery to correct her duplex kidney, you can read more about this here; Heminephrectomy
Do you know of anyone or have you got a duplex/horseshoe kidney? Id love to hear your story. Please comment below or follow me on twitter @katie4_16
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6 thoughts on “Duplex and Horseshoe Kidney

  1. Hi Katie, just come across your blog after doing some
    Research on babies having duplex kidney, I have duplex kidney and am currently 17 weeks pregnant. Have been told there's a highly likely chance that my child will have duplex kidneys also but have to wait until the 20 week scan, was just wondering when you found out your little one had duplex kidneys did your pregnancy need to be monitored anymore. My consultant is going to be present at my scan so I can ask him any questions then but until that date my midwives have no answers. Loving your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  2. Hi Katie,
    I've just recently had my 20 week scan and discovered my little one has a duplex kidney on their left side. I'd never heard of the condition before and the sonographer that performed my scan informed me that her husband (who's 59) has duplex kidneys on both sides, it was only discovered a year ago and he had apparently had no issues. I'm sure she was trying to reassure me but I can't help but feel really nervous that my baby may need further treatment or medication after they're born. I've found your blog post really helpful.
    Your children are beautiful, how are they getting on now?

  3. I know this is an old thread and I hope your children are doing well. I am 45 and have had 4 children without any issues. As a child I had a duplex kidney to the right and a stringy, weak scared kidney to the left. I had repeat infections throughout childhood, then when I was 18 I had a bilateral reinplantation of my ureters. Not had a kidney problem since. My prognosis as a child was at times not great and certainly was told wouldnโ€™t be able to have children. So good news x

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