Dr Brown's Bottles

Dr Brown’s bottles have a clever little feature inside the bottle which prevents your baby from swallowing air bubbles and therefore preventing tummy discomfort and colic.
What is Colic?
Colic is a period of consistent crying in babies. It is caused by pain in the tummy by wind.
Both of my babies suffered with colic, and like most parents I headed online to find out what I could do help my baby.
We have always used Dr Brown’s bottles as we have found them to be the best bottles for our babies. We have tried other bottles but both our babies prefer the teats on Dr Brown’s, they come in varying flows from slow flowing teats for newborns up to fast flowing teats for older babies. We found level 2 teats suited our babies best.
The teats are made from a soft silicone that are gentle on delicate gums and are shaped to fit your little ones mouth.
The bottles themselves are wide necked which allows for easy filling and cleaning. I like that they have the measurements in ounces and in millilitres on the side of the bottle. Each of these bottles can take up to 240ml of fluids.


What’s included in the box?

2x 240ml Dr Brown’s bottles
2x Level 1 Silicone Teats
2x 2-Piece Patented Internal Vent
1x Cleaning brush

I especially like the fact that these bottles come with their own little cleaning brush, it is small enough to get inside the small spaces in the vent and in the teat as well.

The teats come in different levels with level 1 being suitable from newborn, level 2 from three months and so on.

The teats come in a twin pack and are made from high grade super soft silicone.

I can highly recommend any of the Dr Brown’s range as you know you will be getting superb quality and a product that will last.

For more information and to purchase please visit http://www.drbrowns.co.uk

For the purpose of this post I was sent a pack of Dr Brown’s bottles and teats.

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