Find The Perfect Pushchair For Baby and Toddler

    Im now nearly four months pregnant with our second child and I am beginning to think of the things that we may need. We have most of the things that we need from our first baby, as she is still only 11 months old so we haven’t reallu thrown anything away.

    We have neatly packed boxes organised into clothing ages, one box 0-3 months, the next 3-6 months and so on. We have a box of useful other items also, such as a large play mat, bumbo seat etc all the things my daughter has grown out of.

    However one thing we don’t have is a a double pushchair. We have looked at endless websites, in shops and catalogues and yet I still feel like we are no where nearer to deciding on which one to purchase.

    We have a few things that we need to consider when looking at double pushchairs. I personally like the side by side pushchairs and would prefer on like this, however the streets among which we live would not accommodate for such a wide pushchair. Therefore practically speaking we need a pushchair with seats one in front of the other. Now I know having looked at various mum dicussions online that these one in front of the other pushchairs can be quite heavy, especially considering that in the majority of these pushchairs the eldest child sits in the front therefore leaving it quite heavy to lift up onto a kerb say for example.

    Initially we were looking at the Phil & Teds range, namely the ‘dot’. This was our favourite at first. Now though however I have realised that I am not a fan of this type of pushchair set up ie the one seat is literally underneath the other. So the child on the bottom has no view at all except the back of a chair. This pushchair also comes with a hefty price tag retailing anywhere between £350-£500+ with the double kit costing extra.

    On a recent trip to MotherCare we noticed the Safety 1st Duodeal Tandem Stroller. The seats are positioned at the same height with the front seat hood not covering the back of the seat, therefore allowing the child in the back to be able to see around its environment. This pushchair comes at a much purse friendlier price of approximately £140. For a more high end alternative I found the Baby Jogger City Select, as with the Phil & Ted pushchair, this can be used as a single or a double pram. What I like about this double pushchair is the back seat is raised slightly higher than front seat allowing the child at the back to be able to look around and not have its view obstructed. It can be used with a Maxi Cosi Cabrio car seat (cheapest iv found however is £95) or you can purchase a carrycot or the second seat to attach to it. These can be positioned in multiple positions to allow great flexibilty, with the child either be parent or forward facing. The Baby Jogger City Select again like the Phil & Teds, isn’t cheap it comes at a price tag of approx £450 with the double kit costing extra around £150, then there are the added cost of the car seat adapters £25, car seat cover £11 and the footmuffs £35 each.

    I would absolutely love to be able to purchase the Baby Jogger pushchair as in my opinion it tops them all in terms of flexibilty, ease of use and visually I prefer it. However I would have to do a lot of thinking as to wether we could afford to splash out this much money, as after all with another baby on the way we need to be saving our money.I also think I would need to see how well the Safety 1st pushchair is to use before we make our final decision.

    Are you able to share your advice and recommendations on double pushchairs? We’d love to hear from you. Please leave your comment below x

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    2 thoughts on “Find The Perfect Pushchair For Baby and Toddler

    1. What did you go for in the end?

      I orginally got a cheap mamas and papas double but my 2 year old got so heavy it was a struggle to push so I found a second hand Out and About Nipper which is brilliant it's so easy to push.

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