Does Motherhood Age You?

    I had my first baby when I was 25, I had my second at 27. I often wonder whether the numerous sleepless nights and overall stress of parenthood causes us mums and dads to look older than our years. 
    A few things of course I have changed since having my babies which may make me appear older. 
    I have ditched the full face of make up that I used to religiously apply every day without fail and replaced it with good old soap and water! Well I do still wear an SPF moisture aswell as mascara and eyeliner but that is all!
    I found the affects of not wearing make up to be surprisingly harsh. 
    I find my skin is much dryer now and I put this down to the environment and the weather being able to get to my natural face easier! If that makes sense?
    Of course make up does help to hide blemishes and disguise wrinkles so the lack of this may also add to my ageing appearance!
    But makeup aside I decided to look into whether being a parent and raising a child can actually age you, or at the very least make you appear to have aged. 

    I’m certainly sure that the increased stress levels can have an impact on your overall health and well being. 
    And then of course there’s the physical effects of motherhood. Pregnancy and birth can drastically alter your body in many ways, internally and externally. 
    Stretch marks are most common, then there’s the muffin top, saggy boobs, wider hips and dare I say it, the changed appearance of your nether regions!
    This post as I write it is starting to sound like a “reasons not to have children” post but even though I may no longer resemble the sexy slim woman I used to be I can say that my life has never been better, and my children are my world. 
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    8 thoughts on “Does Motherhood Age You?

    1. I think that it does age women. I think pregnancy changes your skin, I'm sure even the skin on my face and hands is drier and less stretchy now! You are right though-it is all worth it 🙂 #BinkyLinky

    2. I have to admit that I look way older now than before but its really because I dont have means to beautify myself. In Manila I have work and I can afford few luxuries like facials and nicer products. In here we are stuggling and I dont have the courage to ask hubby money for beauty products. I wish I can do more. Give more effort. #binkylinky

    3. I agree totally. I often think both my husband and I have aged but my baby has always been a good sleeper. I think for me, maybe it's down to having less 'me' time. I still wear makeup but I don't have time to truly pamper myself like I used to!

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