Ditching The Dummy With Some Fairy Help!

Ok so we probably should have done it before now.

My daughter is 4 and my son is 2.

Before my son was born my daughter would only have her dummy at night time, but after my son was born there were dummies left lying around and I guess she got into the habit of having them in the day, it was easier to just go with it what with the new baby.

Nowadays though they are quite attached to them, especially my daughter, I think in hindsight it is easier to remove the dummy when they are younger.

Courtesy of The Irish Fairy Door Company who have created The Interactive Worry Plaque and with the help of a Fairy Door we are hoping to ditch the dummy worry free once and for all!

The Interactive Worry Plaque
allows your child to hand over their worries to the magical fairies!

The child simply places their hand on the plaque and watch in awe as it changes colour from red to green showing your child that the fairies have taken their worries away!

Did you know fairies use human worries to grant wishes? The energy in worries is ground down to make perfect wish-granting dust!

It’s nice to see that the products are minimally packaged in just the cardboard box, inside you will find the worry plaque itself and some instructions, but that’s not all. You can also find free interactive videos online in which you can select the type of worry you wish to give away and then watch Fairy Clodagh reassure you that your worry has been heard and all is well!

Both of my children couldn’t wait to get there hands on the worry plaque (quite literally!) I told them that if they were worried about giving their dummies away, they could talk to the fairies through the plaque and tell them their worries and that the plaque will turn green when the fairies have taken these away!

My daughter went first, she placed her hand on the plaque, it turned red, she said she was worried she would miss her dummy, the plaque turned green and I told her that the fairies would help her not to worry now. She had a very big smile on her face!

My little boy is probably still too young for this as all he told the plaque was that he wanted chocolate! He does make me laugh!

The Worry Plaque overall will make a great tool in helping my children to ditch their dummies and in time hopefully it will take away any other worries that they may have.

It works very well when little hands are placed upon on it and gives enough time to talk before it turns green.

What I also like about the plaque is that it can be mounted onto the wall with a simple fixture on the back.

(Technical details. Dimensions: Height (top to bottom) 27.5cm; Width (side to side) 28cm; Depth (front to back) 4cm
Batteries not included. RRP £29.99

Irish Fairy Door
We also received a Fairy Door (RRP £20)
and some cute little accessories in which we can also use to help ditch the dummy.

Each fairy door comes with a magic key in a bottle, three stepping stones, the Family / Fairy Lease Agreement, a notepad for your fairy and the Fairy Welcome Guide all you need to help settle your fairy into their new human home!

Once again the amazing people at the Irish Fairy Door Company are created an online interactive world which leads you on a magical interactive journey with exclusive stories and play ideas delivered direct from Fairy Valley on a weekly basis.

My daughter already has her own fairy door, so my little boy was thrilled when he discovered he now had his own.

He couldn’t wait for the box to opened. The fairy doors themselves don’t actually come with any sort of adhesive stickers to use in fixing the door to the wall, I think this would be a nice little addition if possible, but regardless of that we used bluetac which works pretty well!

Once on the wall my son eagerly set about placing the stickers (£5.99) around the doors (with a little help from me) These make a nice little extra gift as they really set the scene to the fairy world and your child’s imagination, they really do bring the door to life.

We also chose the sweetest table (£4.99) and tea set (£5.99) to go with the doors. After all the fairies will be very busy in our house I’m sure they’ll need to take a little tea break!

I love that there is a little notepad included and these will certainly come in very handy when its time to hand the dummies over! The can write notes to the fairies and the fairies can then write back encouraging them, rewarding them and reassuring them that the don’t need the dummies anymore.

I love the whole packaging that the fairy doors come in, the are attractively presented and again very little packaging. The door itself is made of good quality wood that it can even be used outdoors, and the table and tea set are just as well made.

Overall we can highly recommend The Irish Fairy Door Company and its products, here’s to wishing us a successful journey ditching the dummy with the help of some fairy friends!

For the purpose of this review I was sent one Interactive Worry Plaque, One Fairy Door, Sticker Pack, Table and Tea Set accessories. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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