Dino DNA Kit Review

    The Dinosaur DNA Kit is a fantastic product for any future palaeontologists. It enables you to dig for fossils!       
    First you need to dig out the glow in the dark skeleton, then collect its DNA, rebuild the dinosaur and watch in awe as your prehistoric Triceratops comes to life with the interactive app he will jump out of your screen!

    In the box you will find everything you need to start creating your dinosaur;
    A block of clay
    3 tools to help you dig out your skeleton
    A DNA Capsule
    2 special dino code mats
    Luckily we have been sent one of the kits to test!
    First we took our clay and using the tools provided started digging away, the bones are all hidden separately so once they have all been discovered we set about connecting them all together. My son was unable to do this so mummy and daddy stepped in to help.
    The next step is to download the DNA code app which is completely free. You will need to remove the DNA collected in the capsule and attach it to the missing squares on each mat. One mat has your dinosaur on it and the other has a question mark, so you can discover different scenes such a ferocious volcano or a stormy city.
    Once the app downloaded it was time to bring our dinosaur to life, and invite him into our living room! The kids loved this so much.

    As you can see in the video below the app is a little jumpy but overall we have absolutely loved this product and I would highly recommend it as a great gift for Christmas.
    You can choose from a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus or a Triceratops.
    The Dino DNA Kit is available from Ryman and priced at an online exclusive price of £9.99 (correct at time of post publishing) RRP £14.99
    It is suitable for children 8 years and over.
    For the purpose of this review we were sent one Dino Dna kit, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    4 thoughts on “Dino DNA Kit Review

      1. We really loved this. There's so much too IT with the digging the bones out, putting the dinosaur together, sticking the DNA to the mat and the Interactive side to it. It really is fab xx

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