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    How to Make Dining Out and Ordering in More Affordable When on a Budget
    Dining out and ordering in are a great way to relieve people of the duty of cooking a meal. Even those who love to cook may find it nice to get out of the house and enjoy a meal prepared by someone else in a restaurant they love, or like to kick up their feet and watch a good movie after their meal has been delivered to their doorstep. But, when on a budget, it may be difficult to keep dining out and keep money in your pocket from disappearing faster than you can replenish it. 
    Here are a few tips for making dining out and ordering in more affordable when on a budget. 
    Half and Half
    It does not take much to spend $100 on food from your restaurant. The food is delicious and you know you will be satisfied, so you are willing to fork out the cash, no matter how much it costs. When on a budget, this simply isn’t a good idea because spending $100 on food just isn’t something you can afford to do. Instead of buying your entire meal from the restaurant, you can opt to only purchase one or two dishes and make everything else at home. For example, if you would like to have pizza and wings for dinner, you can order the pizza from your favorite place, like the Groupon discount code site for Papa Johns, and make the wings at home. This way, you are spending less, but still enjoying a great meal. 

    Believe it or not, many people who dine out take advantage of coupons and how much they allow them to save on their meals. There are many places online you can look, including the restaurant’s website, to find coupons and discount codes. However, just because you are saving on these meals, it doesn’t mean you should continue to eat outside of the home every night. 
    Set a Limit
    Sometimes, the problem isn’t with how much money a meal costs, it is actually how many times people don’t eat a homecooked meal. Sit down and look at how many times a week or month you dine out or order in. Then look at how much you could be saving if you even just cut that number in half. Find a more reasonable amount and stick to that number. If possible, decrease it over time, so you are cooking at home at least four to five days a week. 
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