Debenhams Big Lego Challenge

    Debenhams have challenged 8 families to join in with The Debenhams Big Lego Challenge!

    Where the most creative creation created (that’s a tongue twister!) in 15 minutes wins a lot of Lego! 

    We were sent The Ninjago Road Rocker Lego Set (RRP £35) as well as a retro timer to ensure we stuck to our 15 minute timeframe!


    The Ninjago Road Rocker Lego Set is aimed at children aged 8-14 and therefore it has lots of little pieces included in the set, and when you see all these pieces on the floor and realise you have to make something with it in a short amount of time, I did think oh my word, where do I start? What am I going to create?!


    Nevertheless we eagerly set the timer, and then chaos reigned! It was all hands on Lego, frantically pushing pieces together to form something that looked, well like something! I don’t know what it was that I was making but I was sure it was turning into something awesome!

    I grabbed some figures and wheels and mini base plates fitting them together. Hmmm okay this looks like, uh… a car! Then I found some little bits and I think I was just amusing myself when I realised it looked like a little hand weight and put it in the Ninjas hand, but then it clicked, ah yes I know what I have made!


    A Mobile Ninja Gym! Of course, it was obvious! Wasn’t it?


    Anyway I found more little pieces and then some more and before you know it I had a Ninja lifting weights, a Ninja testing his strength with his one arm pull ups, and two more Ninjas practicing their sword fighting skills… on a balance board!

    Yes we did it, under a lot of pressure and stressing we had created a Lego masterpiece!


    Lets keep our fingers crossed that our little Ninja’s can go all the way!

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