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Creative Kids Bedroom Ideas

I have seen so many super cool children’s bedroom ideas, that I am playing with the idea of redecorating my own kids bedrooms.

My children are now 5 and 7 years old and there bedrooms are exactly the same as they day they were born, so maybe it could be time for a makeover!

My daughters bedroom is a good size and therefore easy to arrange the furniture in. My son’s bedroom however, is the small box room. He has a mid sleeper bed in there to help with space and storing his toys underneath, but there is no room for a wardrobe so he currently has just one chest of drawers for all his clothes.

Scouring the internet in search of some awesome ideas, here is what I found.

Wall Murals

By choosing to have a wall mural, you are able to allow your child to use their own creativity to help pick a theme. I have seen a few artists who have been hired to create unique personalised wall murals and designs of your choice.

Letting your child create a truly magical world for them to enjoy and play in. I know if my daughter were to choose her own mural it would be 100% horses! She loves them.

wall mural

Hanging Storage

Another thing I really like the look of and that is also super handy is the hanging storage hammocks. Easily attached to any corner of the room, they allow your little ones soft toys to enjoy a rest in their own little hammock. Of course, providing a great storage solution for any box room.

Unique Carpets

Both of my childrens bedrooms have carpets, but they both also have character rugs on top of them. Well how about carpets that are themed throughout their design!

Check out these super cool kids carpets from Furniture Superstore.

For your little princess

kids carpet

For your prince

kids carpet

How awesome are they! Your very own road map covering the entirety of your bedroom! These would surely be a massive hit with my children.

Overhead Storage

As I mentioned earlier both my children have cabin beds so all of their toys are stored underneath. However they won’t want these beds forever especially when they become teenagers. I would then switch their beds to a standard bed but provide the storage overhead as well as storage cube units on the walls.


This is a collaborative post with The Furniture Superstore.

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