Crate Creatures Surprise Barf Buddies Review #Ad

Introducing your new beast friend! Welcome to the wonderful world of Crate Creatures! Grrr! I’m Char. My family comes from the highlands of Magma. Where we roast marshmallows all day! Sometimes it’s hard to control my fiery breath. I think I’ll just fly around for a bit. Wanna join me?

Crate CreaturesBrought to you by MGA Entertainment, these creatures bring you monstrous fun! Pull it’s tongue to hear over 45 gross noises and fun sounds. Enjoy the talk back feature to hear your Crate Creature repeat what you say.

Unleash Your Creature!

To free your Crate Creatures first you must break into their crate! Included on the side of the box you will find a crowbar to help you.

crate creature

When we received Char I was in awe straight away. Peeking through the box you can see his fiery red eyes. Pull his tongue his eyes light up and he vibrates whilst making lots of noise!

crate creatures char

To open the crate is a two-step task. First you must unlock the padlock holding the chains in place. Once opened insert the other end of the crowbar into the front of the crate. Then watch as your Crate Creature appears to jump up pushing off the lid as it does so!

crate creatures


Once you remove your Crate Creature you will see all of the features he has to offer. These include;

  • Food – each creature comes with its own food, and when he feed them, you can hear them chomping away!
  • Talk back – Press your Crate Creatures tummy his eyes will light up and you can record your own message to play back in a monster voice. If you turn him upside down your creature will repeat your message backwards! Shake him and he will stutter as he tries to talk.
  • Moving wings – squeeze Char’s tail and watch his wings flap!
  • Pull his tongue for unique sounds and noises.

Unleash over and over

What’s more you can put your Crate Creature back in its crate to unleash them over and over again. I would highly recommend Crate Creatures. They really are very entertaining, unique, cute and fun. They have a lot of features to offer to keep kids entertained. The only thing I would point out is that the talk back voice isn’t very monstrous but apart from this overall it’s a hit!

Crate Creatures

Crate Creatures Barf Buddies

We were also sent the Crate Creatures Surprise Barf Buddies to review. This is Crunch, the very hungry shark! Pull his tail to open and close his mouth. What will you find!

Crate Creatures Barf Buddies

Each Crate Creatures Barf Buddy comes with a pot of slime with hidden surprises inside! Load up the Crate Creatures mouth with the slime, pull on its tail and watch as he barfs up his dinner! Crunch was obviously very hungry as he has eaten three little puke pals! The slime will ooze and fling straight out his mouth.

Crate Creatures Barf Buddies

This is a very fun toy. Most kids love slime, ours included! As you can see from the video we have created the slime is super super sticky! Which makes for even more giggles from the children.

There are six different characters to collect all with unique puke pals! Who will you unleash!

Available to buy from;

Smyths Toys



In return for this review we were sent the above mentioned products. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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24 thoughts on “Crate Creatures Surprise Barf Buddies Review #Ad

  1. Glad that you have include a video so that I can see how it works. Pretty cute when you pull the orange part and love how you open it too. Pretty cool for kids, plenty of surprises.

  2. I am pretty sure my daughter would have nightmares with this one because she’s afraid of such features. But I can see my nephew loving it!

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