Coping On My Own

Maybe I’m not tough enough or mentally strong but I just can’t seem to cope very well at night time when my husband is working a night shift. 

This month he has all night shifts these are from 7pm to 7am so when my husband comes from work obviously he goes straight to sleep as he then has another night shift. Usually he has three in a row. 
Well tonight is his last night shift for this week. It’ll be his third. 
Which has meant Iv been practically on my own for 3 days and 3 nights with my two toddlers. 

No big deal? Right? I guess that’s what some will think. And hey hands up to all the single parents out there I respect you to the high heavens and back!
Right now I’m having a time out as I write this. My husband is awake for lunch before he goes back to bed and I just said hey I need five minutes to myself. 
It doesn’t help that my little boy is battling the demon of all colds. 
First night shift went something like this;
Kids in bed by 7pm daughter sleeps through night although she did come into my bed at around 2am which is fine as she’s a great sleeper. 

I go to bed at 10pm but obviously full of anxiety at being on my own and stressing I lie in bed tired but awake for about two hours. Then just as I’m drifting off;
12pm my boy wakes up. Spend an hour trying to get him back to sleep and eventually he gives in. 
2am daughter takes over bed. 
3am my little boy wakes up for over an hour I try everything to get him to sleep. He’s obviously exhausted so why do they fight?! 

I’m nearly in tears now as I’m so tired and my anxiety is through the roof. I just had to leave him in his cot by himself to cry. I needed to sleep. Ten minutes after he is fast asleep! Why didn’t I do that sooner!
Sometimes I just feel like I can’t do any right. 
We do everything we can to help our little ones but sometimes we just need to help ourselves. 
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4 thoughts on “Coping On My Own

  1. Great post. I struggled at times when the twins were babies. They're pretty good now they're almost four so they understand things better, but I think if my husband worked nights when the girls were younger I would feel the same as you. You're doing a great job, give yourself credit xxx

  2. Oh dear! Doesn't sound fun! I've done quite a few nights alone when partner away & it's been fine. But littlest always used to sleep in with me. She now does sleep on her own in her room, but daddy has to put her down and settle her if she wakes, because if she sees me, she will only go to sleep if she can stay with me! So these days, I do dread if he's out or away at night, as I can't get her to sleep on her own by myself! (Eldest, thankfully, is no trouble at all!) I think the rule of all children waking up at night is that they will do it just after you finally fell asleep!

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