Co Sleeping

    Whilst I absolutely love cuddling up to my little ones. Right from the start my partner and I decided that we would put our children down to sleep every night in their own cots. 
    I believe this way it allows your childrens independence to grow. And it also gives you as a parent some much needed rest.  

    There are a lot of pros and cons to co sleeping. If you are considering co sleeping you should take note of the following pros and cons:


    •Allows extra closeness and bonding with your baby
    •If you are breastfeeding baby can easily fall back asleep again
    •it’s been shown that babies wake less often
    •Cry less


    •Baby could fall out of bed
    •Parent could accidentally roll on top of baby
    •Baby could overheat
    •Baby could suffocate under the duvet or sheets
    •Increased risk of SIDS if your baby was born prematurely 
    Do you co sleep with your baby?
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    5 thoughts on “Co Sleeping

    1. I didn't co sleep but, as soon as she went in a big girl's bed, we had a 'guest' in our bed quote a lot. It didn't last though. I worried too much about rolling on her x #BinkyLinky

    2. I'm not keen on co-sleeping, but I love the idea of co-sleeping! The reality of co-sleeping is a whole different story to the way it's sometimes portrayed. Feet kicking you in the head. No room in the bed and constant fidgeting! One of our twins sleeps in her cot, the other is in bed with us every night so my husband has her – he started bringing her into bed so he deals with it!! Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

    3. My little one has spent about 2 night in my bed and about a week of waking up at 4am and falling back asleep until 6. I loved being cuddled up with him but I don't think I could do it often, I can not get comfy and my back kills the next day. How can such a small person take up so much room!? Like Emily said, I love the idea of co sleeping. Plus I understand how it works for some people, just doesn't for us #binkylinky

    4. I have co-slept to some degree with all of my children.
      The twins were mainly in their cot from birth but would often come in for cuddles which was nice to have some personal time, even if we were all asleep! As soon as they could find their own way to our bed they did exactly that around 3am every morning lol.
      LM spent more time in our bed, she was a nightmare sleeper and it was just easier on everyone if she was with us as she slept better. Although then having five in the bed during the early hours was a logistical nightmare lol
      LV went down in his cot every night, but would then come into bed during the night to feed and we'd both just fall asleep, the two oldest early morning visitors were less common but LM was still around frequently.
      We then had a relatively child free bed for a few years until we had O. For the first 8 months O slept in an almost upright position in my arms as he had such severe reflux there was no way he could sleep otherwise. He is still in with us a lot but isn't really one for snuggling, he just prefers the space of the bed over then smaller confines of the cot, he's a flopper abouter and a fidget lol.
      When our oldest were in with us, we didn't even know it had a name! It was just something that happened naturally and let us all have a bit more sleep than we would otherwise have gotten.
      I don't think co-sleeping is for everyone, some parents, and babies, just need their own space. It's something you have to be fully comfortable with and know that you have done everything in your power to make safe xxx #binkylinky

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