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Well folks, all the hype and excitement of Christmas has now passed until next year.
How was your Christmas? What did you spend your day doing?
Since my princess was born (October 2012) Christmas has been, well lets say, rushed! In all honesty I haven’t enjoyed it as much.
The reason being it is spent driving from one family household to the next with barely a chance to sit down!
Our first Christmas with our daughter was brief as my fiance had to work Christmas day so we spent the morning up his sisters house with his parents then we headed to my dads and to see my sister.
This year was even more hectic. We woke 7am opened presents with our daughter, which was amazing and I loved every moment of it, seeing her face as she opened each present and ripped the paper off. She was so excited she only slept half hour during the whole of the day! We left our house then around 11.30am and headed to my dads where we had lunch, then we went home about3.30pm and my fiance’s parents and sister arrived around 4pm followed shortly afterwards by my nan. Boxing day then was just as busy we went down my sisters in the morning and then my auntie popped up to us in the afternoon.
Im looking forward to the Christmas where we don’t leave the house all day, I will cook lunch and we will stay in and the children can play with their presents all day. That would be my perfect family Christmas day.

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