Christmas Gift Guide 2015


Frilly Lily Dolls Clothes
Frilly Lilly is widely recognised for quality manufacture, and original designs, Frilly Lily dressing up costumes, dolls clothes and accessories, have been delighting children since 2000.
Within their unique range of dressing up costumes, the collection of fairy costumes, together with ballet outfits, dance costumes, and luxurious princess dresses are developed around traditional themes, which offer a timeless quality and attraction to both children and their parents.
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Sands Alive by John Adams
Feel the fun with Sands Alive! Bring your imagination to life with Sands Alive, the super soft modelling sand by John Adams.
Squish it, shape it, mould it, make it! With Sands Alive you can bring all the fun of a sandy beach indoors but without the mess. 
Once you feel how soft and sand-like it is, you’ll be amazed by how the sand holds its shape and allows you to build detailed 3D creations. 
One of the best features of this super soft modelling sand is that it never dries out! So you can have hours of fun by playing with it again and again!
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WOW Toys Harry Copters Animal Rescue
We were recently sent Harry Copter’s Animal Rescue by WOW Toys. Wow Toys are battery free, high quality, British Made, Developmental toys which are guaranteed favourites of pre-school children. 
I love that WOW Toys are battery free, there’s nothing worse than receiving a toy that needs batteries and we haven’t got any in the house!
Harry Copter’s Animal Rescue is a 5 piece set and comes with the following figures;
A Vet named Dave
Amanda the Panda
Eric the Crocodile
Leo the Lion.
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Drumond Park Games; Og On The Bog
Og on the Bog has been developed completely in-house by the Drumond Park creative team and has already won Toy and Game Trade Awards.
This one is aptly titled Og on the Bog, my husband especially was quite excited when I read him the description of the game!
The aim of the game is to safely remove the loo rolls without Og noticing, but if he notices he’ll blow his bog to pieces!
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