Christmas Day In Our Home

Christmas Day with our 1 and 3 year old has definitely been very busy, tiring and a little bit stressful! 

We woke around 7am the kids came into our bed to open their Christmas stockings. 
Then we headed down stairs to check if Santa had been and if to see if he and his reindeer had eaten the treats we had left out for them, and they certainly had!
My daughter was a whizz opening her Christmas presents! My son took his time and investigated each toy as they were revealed!

I decided to cook Christmas dinner this year working out the timings, how to keep the food warm while the rest cooked and not burning it in our awful oven was stressful but it all worked out and we have a lovely Christmas dinner. 
After the day was done, kids shattered and tucked up in bed I couldn’t help but look around and feel a little guilty. Have they received too much? Have they been spoilt? Especially as I know a lot of children wouldn’t be having much for Christmas in some places around the world. 
We donated food to the food bank this year and I think before next Christmas comes we will have to wrap some of their toys they no longer play with and gift them to children who wouldn’t be getting much. 
A very contemplative Christmas we’ve had but very much enjoyed. 
How was your Christmas?

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