Choosing Wood Flooring In Your Nursery / Child’s Room

wood floor in nursery

When we found out we were expecting our first child one of the first things that sprung to my mind was the excitement of decorating the nursery. Choosing wooden floor in a nursery never really occurred to me. The house we moved into already had carpet and it was still in a very good condition so we didn’t see any need to replace it.

We did however replace the living room carpet immediately as it was blue! We opted for a lovely cream colour carpet and 5 years on from having it installed, it is no longer there. Yes we had to replace it with solid oak flooring.

solid oak flooring

Having a cream colour carpet with two very young children and a cat was not one of our best decisions. It was left stained with spilled food, baby sick and the path from the front door across the carpet to the kitchen was being heavily discoloured from all the heavy foot traffic.

Transform Your Room

The wooden flooring transformed our living space from dull to modern. It has made our room more versatile leaving us able to redecorate however we want without having to worry whether the flooring would match. It’s timesaving as spills can easily be mopped up unlike a carpet. Wooden flooring can also add extra value onto your home and increase the beauty of your rooms.

wooden floor

Even though we ensure our children know that they’re not allowed to take food and drink upstairs it does on occasion slip their minds and drinks are easily spilled and kids easily forget to report it. Not only that but on occasion they have also left felt pens on their floors which have been absorbed into the carpet. It therefore made perfect sense for us to consider installing wooden flooring into the nursery room.

Why you should choose a wooden flooring for your child’s room

Whilst hardwood flooring is very popular it can be expensive. A cheaper but more durable alternative is engineered oak flooring. Engineered oak flooring has a top layer of hardwood veneer therefore retaining the natural appearance of oak but underneath it is made up of pure oak. This provides greater strength and durability in rooms prone to moisture.

A wooden floor is also the healthier option for a child’s room. Carpets tend to hide dust and dirt and it can be tricky to thoroughly clean. With wooden flooring you can see the dust which makes it a lot easier to keep clean and hygienic. When looking for any type of new flooring it is a good idea to look out for an engineered oak flooring sale. This can help save money and get you a good deal.

wood floor in nursery

With the option of a variety of different colours you can completely customise your child’s room to exactly how you imagined it. If you’re worried about them slipping you can simply add a cute rug or runner to their room. My son loves his transportation rug, especially driving his cars along the roads and tracks.

Overall wooden flooring is longer lasting, easier to keep clean and it has that classic look that never goes out of style.

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27 thoughts on “Choosing Wood Flooring In Your Nursery / Child’s Room

  1. Wood flooring is perfect for families with kids. We currently have carpet which is a nightmare when the kids drop food! Wooden flooring would be great as it’s durable and you can wipe it clean! Great post x

  2. Our house had carpet everywhere when we first bought it. After living in our apartment with three cats and a dog, we knew the carpet in the house had to go! My husband and brother in law installed our hardwood floors themselves. I can’t believe how easy it is to clean up accidents, spills, and hairballs! When we have kids, I’m sure I’ll be even more grateful for the hardwood floors.

  3. I am a big fan of carpets but only for certain rooms. We have restored the floorboards in our lounge because the carpet was constantly messy from children and dogs. A cream carpet wouldn’t last 5 seconds in our house! #thatfridaylinky

  4. wow that is a beautiful room and lovely pictures. Very cool thing to consider when it comes to decorating a kid’s room

  5. I totally agree, wooden floors are so much easier to clean and keep looking new when kids are involved. We have two dogs and carpet is a pain in the bedrooms, luckily we have hardwood on our whole main level. Ps, baby cuteness at a 10!! xx

  6. Our home is half carpet and half laminate and we hate it! I’m glad to hear that you are happy with your wood flooring. That’s definitely what we’re getting next!

  7. We would have loved to have hard wood in our kids rooms, but the floors were already done when we moved in and had hardwood throughout except the bedrooms. I completely agree with you!

  8. The wooden floor looks so classy! However, I’m fond of carpets as it looks so cozy. I absolutely loved the decor of your room. Those black walls look so chic!

  9. I agree with you on the flooring especially for spillage and accidental circumstances. But I do have second thoughts because I think of fallen it would be better if the surface had a cushion to it. I don’t have kids yet in the process so I might be totally off.

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