Choosing The Right Solid Wood Flooring For Your Home

When we moved into our home, the first thing I wanted to change was the flooring. The living room was laid with an old blue carpet that really wasn’t suited to what we wanted. We ended up replacing it with a cream carpet which at first did look lovely, but two children later and I had started to regret our choice. Our carpet now has an annual professional deep clean, but it could probably do with this at least twice a year ideally as children do like to run around with food in their hands and on their hands!

Now I would absolutely love wooden flooring and I do wish we had chosen this option in the beginning. Hard wood flooring is durable and doesn’t stain plus it is so much easier to clean and keep clean! As well as looking so much more modern than carpet.

A house with hardwood flooring is one of the greatest desires of every family. Not only does hardwood flooring look good but it also helps in increasing the market value of the house. Hardwood flooring also adds to the décor and beauty of the house. 

The latest solid wood flooring has so many benefits, you can choose from a variety of colours and sizes that can be custom made to your requirements. Red oak, white oak and maple wood are some of the most popular categories of solid wood floor.
Hardwood flooring is generally easy to install, either by gluing or being nailed down to the existing flooring.

Even if you decide to change the décor and furniture in your home, wooden flooring generally goes with everything as opposed to carpets, which also when you move the furniture may have changed colour due to sun exposure so re arranging your furniture may not be an option if you have to hide those patches.

Whilst hardwood flooring is highly popular, engineered oak flooring is quickly taking over in popularity. Although hardwood flooring is available in longer lengths when compared to engineered floor and is relatively cheaper as the UK’s most durable engineered oak flooring it would be worth looking into.

In case you’re wondering, engineered oak flooring is made up of pure oak and has a top layer of hardwood veneer that is glued to the surface, whilst still retaining the natural characteristics of oak. It has been designed in a way that provides greater stability and is ideal for environments prone to moisture and heat. What’s more is that this kind of flooring comes with a 10 year warranty! Which is pretty amazing.
Having two toddlers running around spilling their drinks and having to whack the heating up in winter as they’re always cold means that the heat and moisture resistance of the engineered oak flooring would make it the best option for my home.

Wooden flooring says it all; not only does it add a certain warmth to your interiors but is easy to maintain and goes with almost all types of interiors definitely making it the number one choice for home owners.


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