Choosing A Double Pushchair

    Choosing a double pushchair can actually be harder than you think. And if you make a mistake it can be costly. 

    Things to take into consideration when choosing a double pushchair;
    1) Tandem or Side by Side
    Do you want a tandem pushchair, one in which your children sit one infront of the other or do you want a side by side pushchair where you children sit next to each other. 
    2) The Size
    If you are going for a side by side pushchair make sure you take note of the measurements. It may sound crazy and make you look a little odd, but measure you the pavement outside your house and your doorway as well. There’s nothing worse than spending all that money only to discover your pram won’t fit on the pavements or through your front door. 

    3) Boot Space
    Again take note of the measurements of the double pushchair to ensure it will fit into your car boot. 

    4) Practicality
    Do you do a lot of shopping or walking? If so a tandem is probably more suitable as it will fit through most doorways with ease. Think about the shops you visit regularly. Will a double pushchair fit through the doorway and can it be easily manouvered once it’s inside the store. Take note if the weight of the pram as well as if you will be doing a lot of walking it can be quite tiresome pushing around a double pushchair with the weight of two children on board as well. 

    5) Age Suitability
    Tandem double pushchairs can either range from birth or six months plus. For example the front seat on a lot of tandems is only suitable from six months plus and the back seat is usually from birth. Side by side double pushchairs can normally be used with a carrycot and most are suitable from birth but it is always wise to double check before buying. 

    6) Resale Value
    Is your double pushchair worth it’s money? Can you reuse it if you decide to have more children in the future and can it be easily stored away? If you were to buy your pushchair second hand how much would you be willing to buy it for? 
    My Top Double Pushchair Picks

    1) Jusonne Jewel Tandem

    This is the second double pushchair that I bought. As the first double pushchair I bought I paid over the odds for because I liked the look of it, however when it arrived it was a lot
    heavier than I had expected and not practical when out shopping. I bought the Jusonne Jewel second hand. It is the size of a single pushchair and very easy to use. The front seat
    is from six month plus and the back seat lies flat for a newborn. We often get a lot of people surprised when they realise there is another baby in the back as it is so small. RRP Approx £170

    2) Baby City Mini Jogger Double

    This is a very attractive looking double pushchair and again easily manouvered. Each seat has it’s own hood which when pulled forward gives great coverage and allows the child to sleep in a dark environment. It has an easy folding system aswell and isn’t too heavy. RRP Approx £380

    3) Graco Trekko Duo Tandem

    This nifty little system is again a really good size and I imagine would fit into most car boots. They thing to consider with this pushchair is the view that the child in the bottom has, if that doesn’t bother you than this pram is ideal. It is practical and lightweight. The front seat is suitable from birth and the back seat from six months. RRP Approx £164.99

    4) Cosatto You2 Twin Stroller

    This attractive lightweight double pushchair is perfect for either twins or two children of different ages. Both seats fully recline and have their own seperate hoods. Easy to use with its local able swivel wheels. Plus it comes with some stylish foot muffs and changing bag. RRP Approx. £210

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