Cherub Chews Necklace & Sling Mirror Review

Cherub Chews are handmade in the UK. 

Cherub Chew necklaces are 100& cotton crocheted onto wooden beads, they catch your baby’s attention when they are breast/bottle feeding, saving on all that hair pulling!

Each necklace is 100% natural, made from beech and maple wood and coated in organic oils which seals the wood making it smoother for babies mouth.

Cherub Chews necklaces are perfect for on the go, they can be easily grabbed by your baby to help them with the discomfort of teething.

They also help to stimulate your babies senses and encourage fine motor skills.

Each necklace is adjustable in length and not only are they practical but they are fashionable as well. Cherub Chews necklaces come in a variety of colours and styles.

My baby loved having a play with the necklace as I was wearing it and soon put it in his mouth to chew on! he is teething quite badly and the moment and my Cherub Chew necklace is perfect for easing his teething whilst I am out and about. I carry my son in a sling and he could easily reach for the necklace and chew on it.

The Cherub Chew necklace certainly saves all those moments of wet dribbly hands being chewed on!

Cherub Chew necklaces are to be worn by adults only and are not to be given unsupervised to babies or children.

I love going out and the best way I have found to do this is with my almost two year old daughter in her stroller on she will walk and I carry my 6 month old son in his sling.

As the sling can be worn on my back I can’t really see him, or what he is up to!

Cherub Chews also produce sling mirrors which are the perfect way to get around this problem.

The sling mirror is easily attached onto the sling it, clips on and then the retractable cord can be pulled so you can see your baby when carried on your back.

Cherub Chews have created a unique, funky and fashionable range of necklaces, sling mirrors and other accessories that are perfect for around the house or our an about.

For more information visit Cherub Chews

For the purpose of this review I was sent one Cherub Chew necklace and one Cherub Chew sling mirror.


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