3 Basic Things to Check before MOT testing

MOT Test

MOT cannot be neglected – no matter what type or model of vehicle you drive. MOT Testing makes sure that both major and minor defects in your car are highlighted so it is safe for you to be on the road. Interesting thing is, most of the issues spotted during a MOT test can be maintained by simple car maintenance and regular vehicle care. Without passing MOT, you can be faced with penalty as per UK law.

You can follow these tips and go prepared before getting your car tested!

Check your vehicle’s oil

Having optimum levels of fuel is very important because if there is no fuel in your car, the team at MOT centre will not be able to perform any tests – especially the emission test. Changing your oil is a smart move as it will save you from trouble later.

MOT Test

Clean your car properly

Cleanliness is very helpful and you should always try to clean your number plates aswell.

Research & choose the right MOT centre

Most important factor is, who is testing your car for MOT? Check customer reviews in your local town so that you are absolutely sure about the skill level. Local MOT testers can easily be found. To make it simpler, let’s go with the example of Scotland. If you live in any specific area of Scotland, example: Glasgow, Dunfries, Stirling or Dundee – you can select a certified and professional MOT centre near you. If you want MOT in Stirling then go to Fife Autocentre website now.

Inspect your tyres

Take a close look at your tyres and their tread depth. The condition of tyres really matters – if they are worn out and in a bad condition, that will pose a challenge for passing MOT.

What do you have to say about the tips above – if you have any other tips to share, please drop them in the comments section.

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