Charity Shop Challenge

When it comes to buying gifts most of us probably wouldn’t even consider going to a charity shop in search for a present. 
I’m a great enthusiast of grabbing a bargain! I can often be found rummaging round antique shops, charity shops and my favourite of all, car boot sales!
But in all honesty I’ve never considered giving something I’d bought in a charity shop to someone as a present, iv gift given car boot bargains, well by that I mean iv bought second hand toys and put them away for my childrens or husbands christmas presents.
On a recent trip to the charity shop I picked up the following bargains. 

A lovely new bed for our kitten at the bargain cost of £5

Some clothes for our little boy at 50p each! It’s the reason il never buy childrens clothes at full price unless it’s something I really like or is needed for an occasion. 
A gravy boat which I will be gifting to my lovely nan. This was £1.50

A DVD and a world history book for my husband as he loves his history! And a book for myself as iv heard ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ is excellent. 

And finally a photo album which we will fill with all my mother in laws old photos and will be given as a gift to her. 
As well as buying from charity shops I also donate my unwanted items. It’s a great way to have a quick clear out and to give an item a new lease of life in somebody else’s home!
•Did you know that two thirds of people will never buy Christmas clothes or gifts from a charity shop at Christmas? (Salvation Army research)? 
•The average person spends £415 on Christmas – if just £5 of this was spent in a charity shop, we could raise £130m for good causes? 
•Spending a little makes a big different – £9 could bring a homeless person in from the cold, while £19 could buy a Christmas box for a family in need, and £28 can help five lonely older people enjoy a proper Christmas lunch and friendship. 
Would you consider buying gifts from charity shops this Christmas?
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