Chalkola Chalk Marker Pens Review

    Chalkola is a Chalk Marker Company and one of the top selling brands on and Amazon UK & Germany.  

    Chalkola Markers are bright and vibrant liquid chalk markers which replace the old boring dusty chalks. They are non-toxic and water based and can be easily removed with a wet wipe or wet cloth. The markers can be used on any kind of non porous surface for example chalkboards, windows, labels, ceramic, jars and paper. 

    The lovely people at Chalkola kindly sent me a selection of their markers to review. 



    The first thing I noticed is indeed how bright and colourful the pens are, there is a great variety of colours included in each pack.

    To use the markers, you need to remove the lid and then push the nib down a number of times until the ink covers the nib.

    We have a chalkboard sticker on our wall, great fun for the kids, although they have only ever used the old fashioned chalks on this. My daughter was intrigued to try them. I must admit I was a bit dubious as to whether I would be able to easily remove the marker pen from the wall but I was proved wrong as it really was just a simple wet wipe to clear it.

    We decided to get a bit creative and decorate our windows on the door. As you can see the colours apply to the window really well, and they don’t run either, which is a bonus. My daughter really enjoyed drawing little pictures on the window as well, whilst I enjoyed added some decorative flowers to the glass! I have to say that these are really enjoyable markers to use and such great fun, they’re quite therapeutic and my daughter and I spent a good hour just colouring and drawing on the glass.

    The Chalkola markers would be fantastic for decorating your windows at Christmas time or any other special occasion, leaving little reminder notes on the glass of the front door or even your car, they’d also be great to use on paper or card for crafting.

    Overall we are very pleased with Chalkola Chalk Markers, they are great family fun for everyone and I would highly recommend them to buy for yourself or even as a gift.

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