Cardiff: Splott Car Boot Sale

Lately we have been doing a lot of clearing out in our home. We realised we had a lot of stuff hanging around that just wasn’t getting used. I decided to have a proper declutter and posted some items on Facebook to sell. I still had more things to sell so I decided to go to Splott car boot sale in Cardiff. 


They have a car boot sale on a Thursday and Saturday and on Sunday they have a market. At present date the fee is £7 for your pitch. I have done many car boot sales before at Splott but this was the first one I was doing on a Thursday so I wasn’t so sure if it would be as busy as the weekend ones. However the sun was scorching and it definitely brought people out of their homes. 
splott car boot sale

I arrived around 6am. You have to get there early to get the best spot and to set up. As usual as soon as you drive into the car park you are greeted by a small audience of people (mainly other traders) who are all eager to see what you have to sell, while I don’t mind this at all what I do mind is when they decided to go looking through your car and in your bags before you have even set up! Therefore I parked up, got out of the car, locked it and went for a walk! 

When I returned a short time later there were only two people remaining. I’m always wary when there is a crowd as you can’t watch everyone and you never know if anyone might try their luck and pinch something!
So I don’t mind waiting to set up after all you’re there a good few hours and
there will always be interested buyers. 

Be ware the traders

Most of the people who first crowd around will be other traders and what they do is try to haggle you straight away for your lowest price and then what you will find is your item on their stall later on and being sold for twice as much as what they paid you for it.
While setting up I did have to tell one lady to move back and wait for me to set up first as she was opening my bags and trying to pull everything out! What is the rush?! Anyway once set up I always find that I make the most money from these people in the first hour. Just make sure to stick to your guns and not drop your prices too early after all you’re there all day and there will be other people interested, and if they really want your item more often than not they come back later on and give you what you were originally asking for it anyway.

Stick to your guns

You will always get people who try to push you into giving away your items for next to nothing. They will say I will give you 50p! No you will give me what I am asking or you will leave the item, don’t let them dictate to you what they want. After all they’re still your items. I always say to them I would rather take it home than sell it for less than what I want or do you realise that I am actually trying to make money here I’m not giving things away for next to nothing.
Once the first crowd has gone it’s a lot calmer for the rest of the day. I always make sure to bring a drink and food with me as I wouldn’t
like to leave my table unattended as you just never know. Out of all the car boot sales I have done I have to say Splott is the one that I keep returning too, I always find I make the most money here. I have heard that Sully is also a very good boot sale too although I have never been to that one. You will always meet a lot of friendly people here, the lady on the stall next to me was lovely and we did watch each other’s tables if the other needed to pop to the loo. I also met a lovely older gentleman who came to sit and chat with me a while as he rested his legs, I was also serenaded by the gentleman who is always around Cardiff singing in all the supermarkets he is quite well known here and is a great character!

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