Cardiff Museum Dinosaur Exhibition

Well an exciting few weeks Cardiff has had with the #DinoOnTheLoose Dinosaur Exhbition

First we had a beautiful new statue of Welsh Dino Father Thomas H Thomas unveiled and then can you believe it after just 48 hours something mysterious happened, the statue was destroyed, leaving a trail of devastation behind including a huge dinosaur poo! In the middle of the city centre!

Then to top it all off some strange creature only went and smashed the shop window displays!

We finally discovered just what exactly had been going on when Cardiff Museum revealed it was in fact a lively dinosaur protecting its babies! There were even giant dinosaur footprints right on their doorstep!

Thankfully the dino babies have settled in well at the museum and the very friendly dinosaur wants as many people as possible to come and say hello!

Which is exactly what we did!

On arrival we were greeted with a dinosaur themed breakfast and even got the chance to meet CBeebies presenter Lizzie Daly, as well as a Dino baby.

The dinosaur exhibition has lots of interactive features as well as touchable exhibits which the kids loved. They were able to feel the eggs, dig for fossils and dress up as dinosaurs. There was also colouring and jigsaws to do as well.

The main feature that both my children really enjoy was the dinosaur that they were able to pet, and ride on! As well as the animatronic dinosaur my son loved this although my daughter was quite wary of him!

There is also a dinosaur themed gift shop which you have to pass through to exit the exhibit. The prices are very reasonable though and they have some great products on offer. My son chose a dinosaur egg which we could actually hatch our very own baby dino, and my daughter chose a soft toy dinosaur.

Overall we very much enjoyed the exhibit and you can easily spend around 1-2 hours in the exhibit alone.

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