Car Seat Safety

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with a child will know how important it is to ensure that you purchase and fit
the correct car seat not only for your child but also for your car.
too often a car seat is bought and fitted by a parent with the best intentions
in mind, but not knowing that maybe that car seat isn’t suitable for its
intended purpose. For example you can pretty much buy a car seat in most
supermarkets these days and fit it yourself but there is a checklist you really
should read first before purchasing. have a number of videos guiding you
through the car seat fitting process for a range of different cars.
car seat safety

Cars. com start every Car Seat Check by
investigating the car’s Latch system, which is supposed to make it easier to
correctly install car seats, to test its user-friendliness. Next, we test how
each vehicle handles the various sizes of child-safety seats in terms of both
space and installation.
What is a latch system?
Latch stands for Lower Anchor
and Tethers for Children. Few automakers set the lower anchors out in the open,
so finding these small metal bars often involves digging between the back and
bottom seat cushions, called the seat bight, to find them. Sometimes the
cushions are difficult to move out of the way, or the anchors are buried deeply
between the cushions, nestled too closely against them or positioned too close
to the seat belts. All of these scenarios make it difficult to install
child-safety seats.
They offer the following advice;


Ensure there
no are headrest restrictions, and that any headrests can be adjusted or
Ensure you
have a rear facing car seat for children aged 0-2, its sometimes recommended to
age 3.
All booster
seats must have a back preferably a high-back
Always read the manual as well as the section on
car seats in your own cars manual
Check for any airbags that could cause harm in
an accident and disarm
Always have a car seat fitted by a professional
Finally if you’re unsure on anything, ask for help

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