Book Review: Monkey Has An Operation

As many of you will already know my daughter has a duplex kidney and is required to have an operation to remove part of it to prevent her from becoming unwell. She has been on antibiotics everyday since she was born. 
And finally at the age of 2 years old and 3 infections later her operation has been scheduled. 
How do you explain to a toddler that she is going to have an operation? What an operation is? Etc
I feel very lucky that I have been given the chance to review this book titled ‘Monkey Has An Operation’ which is written by Helen Sadler. 
Helen like myself found herself in the position where her daughter needed an operation and there isn’t really a great deal of resources available to explain to your child what is going on. Helen decided to write a series of books to help prepare the family for a trip to the hospital. 
The book itself is A5 paperback. It is printed much like an information leaflet. 
It is easily readable and has fantastic pictures which show different rooms and scenarios which would be encountered in hospital. Just the pictures alone tell a story which helps toddlers to be able to see and recognise each setting. 
I decided to tell my daughter a couple of days before her operation that we would be going on a trip to hospital and that we would be staying there for a couple of days. I made sure she was included in each part of the journey. She helped to pack her clothes and her toys. 
Then I sat her down and showed her this book and read it to her and explained what was going on in each photo. 
My daughter was interested in monkey and seemed to understand what was going on. She saw the one photo and said “Monkey taking temperature” before I had read her the page. So as I said above the pictures alone are enough to show what happens. 
I have found this to be a very useful book which does just what it is supposed to do. It clearly explains in simple easy to understand terms how the whole day of the operation will go. 
Now all that’s left to do is to get the operation done and get my daughter back on the road to recovery!
For more information and to purchase please visit Monkey Wellbeing
For the purpose of this review I was sent one book. 
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