Bluestone Wales Day 2

Day 2 in Bluestone Wales and we wake up around 6.30am thanks to the kids.  

We have breakfast in our lodge while we decide what to do today as the weather is quite grey and drizzly. The weather forecast gives us (false) hope that it’s going to brighten and dry up by mid morning so we decide to spend the day down the road at Folly Farm. 
We drive our golf buggy up to the car park and jump in the car. 
Even though it was raining for most of the time we spent at Folly Farm it was still a great day for the whole family. 
My son (2), who is very outdoorsy following in his fathers footsteps especially loved jumping in the muddy puddles! Too much Peppa Pig I think! 
There’s so much to do here both indoors and outdoors and it’s quite surprising how big Folly Farm actually is. I particularly enjoyed how close we were able to get to the giraffes!

After a fun filled day we head back to our lodge and decide to have a chilled out tea in our lodge so I popped on down to the Chippy takeaway and ordered us all some fish and chips which were very reasonably priced and very yummy. 

Before bedtime then we decided to take the children down to the village hall for the free kids hour entertainment. This was great fun. The entertainers were fantastic, they danced and played lots of games which all the children enjoyed taking part in. 
We then had a quick play in the park and headed back to our lodge ready for bedtime. 

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