Blogging Tips: Working With Brands

    When I first started blogging I wrote a number of posts over probably a period of around 6 months before I properly looked into working with brands.
    If you are interested in working with a specific brand make sure you like and follow all of their social media sites, but also favourite, like, share and tweet their posts. Even tag them in a post and tell them that you like their product/service. Make sure you know enough about the brand, don’t go jumping in if you don’t know anything about them. Brands like to know that you are genuine and that you have done your research on them.
    Send out emails introduce yourself and your blog. Tell them a little bit about you, your family, your hobbies etc., let them know you would like to work with them on a campaign whether it be reviewing their product/service or writing a post for them.
    I know some bloggers who start off by reviewing products that they already own. This is a great way to show off your writing skills and shows a brand how you work and how you review products/services.
    Most of the items that I review, I ask for! I don’t wait for them to come to me because they might not! There are so many bloggers out there and more and more people are starting their own blogs everyday that you need to be the one to make contact!
    Get yourself out there, get noticed, tell people who you are and where you blog.
    As previously mentioned sign up to Joes bloggers, bloggers required and Britmums they often send out emails to bloggers with some great opportunities for working with brands.
    On twitter search hashtags #prrequest #bloggersrequired or #bloggerswanted as brands often look for bloggers this way.
    Contact brands via their PR companies and again introduce yourself. Most will ask you for some information on your statistics and how many followers/likes you have on social media. Therefore it is important that you build up your following first before approaching brands/PRs.

    Don’t overload your blog with nothing but review posts though. You want some natural posts in there too. This can be about your everyday life or advice and tips.
    Make sure you can be contacted! This one is so easy, have an About Me / Contact Me / Work With Me /Hire Me page and include an email address so you can be reached.

    Keep all your social media profiles professional, don’t go complaining on your local supermarkets twitter that you weren’t happy with their service and don’t get into arguments, keep that for your personal account or better yet avoid it all together.
    Be sure to check your spam/junk inbox regularly, I have lost a few reviews by not checking my spam/junk mail and then finding an email from a brand or PR months later and which time its too late.
    Don’t aim too high either if your blog isn’t ready. It can be great to find a new or young brand to work with who is just starting out and are looking for a little social exposure.
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